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Packaging design flow
A life of commercial packaging begin by receiving order, then design, manufacturing, packing, on-line for sale, to the end of discard or recycle after using. During the long journey, design occupy only a small part, although design can not guarentee merchandise reach consummer's hand smoothly, it influents sales success rate.

1, Marcket research and analyse
Marcket research can be devided by 2 kinds, one is periodic, extensive, the other is temperaly, targeted, analyse needed after detailed data research.
a, goods selling point
b, predicted goods life sycle
c, how to build goods image
d, puchasing purpose, consuption predict and status

2, Design innovation and draft
At the beginning of packaging design innovation, firstly, clear packaging design scope, packaging originality key point varies according to different goods feature.
1, Vision express
2, Structure variation
3, Capacity style peculiarity

3, Design effect and make up
Packaging design is different from other graphic design, though they both work on packaging graph, both are plane vision effect, but packaging made-up articles are solid.
a, Solid effect drawing
b, Mode present
c, Printed graph paper