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Packaging Vision Elements
1, Commodity and Name
Trademark is simbol of commodity, which make distinction between other goods, a important information for customer commodity recognition,also the core of brand.
1, Simple and readability
2, State goods category
3, Appear on main show face

2, Icon information and essential text
Icon means representative graphic symbol, text also needed except graph according to related laws and regulations.
a,Highly concentration
b,Speedy convey
c, Memorable

3, Product Image and Auxiliary Graph
Graph is kind of vision language without borders, people prefer to read gragh rather than text. In order to attract consumer attention, promote sales, graph becomes a very frequently-used vision language.
a, That's cutomer who will know about merchandise directly
b, Present product's pecularity and pertinence

4, Tone management and color assortment
How to ascertain a suitable tone? It needs designer hear the product. Reasonable tone option and color assortment can enrich packaging gradation, non-applicable color shows chaotic information.
a, Manefest personal style
b, Attract customer
c, Reflect product character