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Luxury packaging - the mainstream craft of added-value for the wooden box

In order to getting the advantages in the competitive age, we will highlight the brand image and create a visual aesthetic feeling according to the design of innovation, the use of new materials and the application of special adornment method, which make it stand out from the shelves and become the preferred choice for customers. And then the packaging was supplied to enterprise for meeting the needs of manufacturers.

1、Leather covered craft
With the developing of timbers'consumption, and then the contradiction between wooden materials supply and requirment is becoming increasingly acute, which is speeding up the development of wood saving and substitution, keeping ecological balance, promoting the sustainable utilization of forest resources and maintaining actively international image of protecting the natural environment for being great significance. The wood veneer as the best alternative products, which is supplied for the packaging boxes. And then it will continue to capture the various elements in accordance with the development. Thus we has won a great number of consumers at home and abroad with its high-qualified.
Using the modern science's planing process and production operation mode, eventually forming process model in originality and high precision, proprietary technology, value-added goals.

2、Paper covered craft
The decorative paper covered craft is most commonly surface finishing craft in the wooden boxes. There is machine-veneer gluing and hand-veneer gluing as the processing methods. Grainy paper is the high-molecular polymer(pvc) as crude material, and then become a new type of decorative materials with adding the various additives and pressuring, compositing and wood garin printing.The development of wooden box will be a very promising direction.

3、Piano lacquer craft
The pinao lacquer craft, which is one kind of the baking finish. Compared with the common high-glossy painting, there have two difference of nature. Firstly, a thick layer of primer, face paint is shining brilliantly, strong penetrating power. Secondly, you should be careful to protect as the surface are very brittle.Because there is such difference,the piano lacquer is on the light intensity, density, especially stability is far higher than others. Therefore, the piano lacquer boxes are more environmental protection in the packaging boxes.

4、Carving craft
It can crave any materials by the laser cutting, which is mainly speed, high precision. Especially the Laser three-dimensional sculpture. Some advantages as following: 1.Application scope is widespread, and the price is low; 2.safe and reliable; 3. Accurate and detailed(0.02mm); 4.Resources Economization & Environment Protection; 5.High speed and shortcut.

5、Brushing glod craft
At present, the brushing gold craft is becoming a packaging box ascension of the visual effects and value of the products to be bestowed favor on newly. After carving the wooden box, we will have a feeling like it has been burning, and match with wood color, which has a primitive beauty of art. The color depth is mainly to the laser power and speed of engraving. The brishing gold craft we can use it to shade in the product at any time. What's more, we can choose all kinds of color for brushing on the products. And it is commonly used to gold, silver, black and special color we can be customized for customers.

6、Imprinting craft
The imprinting we can used in stamping the design and script by the traditional craft methods, which is used by the different electric iron or heating hot stamping templates. With developing the technology, we adapt the advanced brand machine, so that it can promote the value of products. Of course, the materials we choose will effect on the products. You'd better choose the pine wood for effect.

7、Screen printing craft
The screen printing is used by wooden box widly in the craft. The principle of the screen printing: when screen printing plate, through certain pressure to make ink through hole version of perforation transferred to substrates, to form images or text screen printing equipment is simple, convenient operation, process simple and low-cost, adaptable.

8、Metal veneering  

The metal veneering is also called metal adhesive sign, the sign UP, three-dimensional signs, which are the most luxurious international high-grade decorative signs, it is generally about 0.03-0.2mm thickness.

We used in all kinds of added-value craft to make the wooden boxes more perfect in the seductive market. The wooden box was supplied to enterprise by existing equipment. We can establish the added-value project for products according to the process innovation and new materials supplied, which is the key of improving the enterprise independent innovation and getting more added value. Also we can improve the enterprise's value and it is important opportunities for developing in the future.