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Core Concept: Trust, Team, Honesty, Inovation
Trust-- Foundation of coorperation
Team-- Guerantee of success
Honesty-- Responsibility of work
Inovation-- Root of survive

Operating Concept: Staff oriented, customer first, mutual support and win-win
Quality policy: supass customer requirements
Company spirit: Creation Makes Enterprise, Persistance Facilitates Enterprise
Product positioning: Reliable function, Exquisit workmanship, Novel style, Cost Performance Maximum
Values: Live honestly, Work attentively
Management: People first, System first
Market: Good faith, Customer first
Team: No perfect person, only perfect team
Team stance: I/We promise to creat harmonious, win-win team
Culture: Team spirit-the soul of an enterprise
Quality: Quality first, Cost first
Cost: Cost minimum, Value maximum
Employment: Atittude first, Appropriateness first.
Safety: Safely first, Prevention first.
Compete: Harmony first, development first